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Esquire®, thanks to its versatile durability, fabric strength and high image printing quality, is becoming the choice of the printing industry day by day and replacing traditional textile products.

Treatments include UV protection, flame retardancy (FR) and hydrophobic characterization.

Major media ads

Large areas of digital print surface displaying images with sharp lines and distinctive bright colors and shapes make advertisements and promotions effective. Digitally printed Esquire® contributes to this creativity and impact. Esquire® is tough, smooth and versatile, making it particularly suitable for use as a print media.



Film-coated and digitally printed Esquire® banners can be prepared and hung with sharp, clear and colorful prints. Esquire® has good all-round durability, resulting in efficient, high-quality printing.

Esquire®, bags, umbrellas, hats, vests, etc. It is a good material for the production of promotional products such as Thanks to its features and handle similar to traditional textile products, it allows the production of practical, long-lasting and quality products.


Esquire® is certified for Printing Technologies.

It is suitable for textile finishing processes: By applying conventional finishing processes such as dyeing and printing, desired properties can be gained to the fabric.

It is easily processed in garments: Cutting and sewing processes can be applied like conventional textiles, and the absence of threading on the edge of the fabric provides a serious workmanship and processing advantage.

Provides cost advantage: By providing the properties of traditional textiles in lower weights, it offers both cost advantages and occupies less space and space with its compact structure.

Similarly, after washing, the micro channels allow quick drying. Esquire® is washable at temperatures up to 95 °C and has successfully passed wash tests at typical home wash temperatures of 30 °C to 60 °C.

Thanks to Esquire®'s lint-free structure, our environment is also protected, as polymer fragments and thus water pollutants cannot be transported with the washing water and enter the food chain. This microscopic contamination is among the most serious environmental problems today.

In addition, Esquire® can be treated to remove dirt easily during washing, and it dries very quickly due to its permeability and light weight. Thus, savings are achieved due to less detergent and energy consumption and shorter drying time. As a result, Esquire® is a good option for frequent washing needs in hospitals and hotels.

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